We donít "surf the net" very much, but here are a few web-sites we like, that may be of interest to you, too.

Web-site Title


The First Baptist Church of Duxbury

This is our churchís web-site.

Focus on the Family

This is a Christian organization that provides resources and support to strengthen families.

Flix Productions

Tom Guthery IV has developed animated educational software for children, and has a good list of web-site suggestions, too!

The TIDE Home Page 

This one was for Trevor, since his favourite NASCAR driver is Ricky Rudd, who drives the Tide car. They have some good laundry tips, too. 

Blue Mountain Greetings

This is a free service for sending animated/musical greetings.

Forever Greetings

This is a free service for sending musical greetings.


What can I say, we have a houseful of football fans.


I have also found some interesting gardening sites. For instance:

Jackson & Perkins

Great Photography!

Garden Solutions

Lots of stuff, here.

Roses Unlimited

These folks sell "own root" roses.

Roseraie at Bayfields

These folks are in Maine, and have a huge variety of roses.

Burpee Seeds

This is a good place to order seeds, and they have lots of other good stuff, too.