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Chocolate Trifle


The concept for this dessert came from a friend from church, and her motto is "Keep it Really Simple!" If the cake layers are made in advance, and frozen, then this becomes a super simple dessert to "throw together", and the taste is truly gourmet.

½ of the chocolate cake, resulting from a chocolate cake mix, baked according to package directions

1 large tub of frozen whipped topping

1 pkg. instant chocolate pudding prepared according to package directions (or for more "gourmet" flavour, use a chocolate mousse mix)

2 Skor or Heath chocolate bars, broken into small bits


Cut the cake in half, and cut one of the halves into small cubes and put the cubes into a glass bowl or trifle dish. Prepare the chocolate pudding, and pour half of the pudding over the cake cubes. Dollop half of the whipped topping over the pudding. Sprinkle half of the chocolate bar pieces on top. Cube the remaining cake, and spread over the previous layers. Gently press down on the layers. Dollop on remaining pudding, then add remaining whipped topping, and finally, sprinkle the rest of the chocolate bar pieces on top. Cover and chill for at least 2 hours before serving.