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I am now in grade 7, and I attend the Rising Tide Charter School. School is OK, and I am doing well.

For an after school activity, I enjoy the afternoons of “strategy games”, especially chess.  We are in the midst of a school-wide chess tournament, and so far, I’ve won all of my games.


I really enjoy hockey. I like to play defense, but I also play forward. I also play soccer, and this year, in addition to the fall and spring outdoor soccer, I am playing indoor soccer in the winter.

This past summer, my tennis game really improved.  I can give my Mom and Dad a good game - maybe this year I’ll improve to the point that I can beat them!

In addition to sports, I enjoy playing chess, biking, fishing, and I’m still learning to play golf.

These were taken at the Irwin Inn, July 2002.

Master of the PS2!

Martha’s Vineyard Pee Wee A Champs!


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